Paris Saint-Germain out of the Champions League? Messi doesn't take the blame

Paris Saint-Germain out of the Champions League? Messi doesn't take the blame


In the UEFA Champions League quarter-finals, Paris Saint-Germain lost 0-1 at home to Bayern Munich in the first round, and Bayern Munich defeated Paris Saint-Germain 2-0 at home in the second round, Paris Saint-Germain advanced 3-0 on aggregate. So far, the top 8 of the Champions League have selected four winners, namely Bayern Munich, AC Milan, Chelsea and Benfica. It is a pity that Paris Saint-Germain was eliminated. This is the third consecutive season that Messi has missed the Champions League.psg tröja neymar

I have to say that Bayern's strategy is great. They spared no effort to interrupt Paris's passing and technical coordination, which made Paris' midfielder and backcourt seriously out of touch. It can’t be said that Messi’s performance is not good. It can only be said that he has more than enough energy but not enough energy. Neymar missed the game due to injury, so Bayern focused most of their energy on Messi. Besieged by opponents.

And Mbappe has little chance to get the pass and can't output. The defense Marquinhos' midfielder was injured and left the field, which undoubtedly made the situation worse. The output of the two main players was all blocked, the offense could not be opened, the defense could not be defended, and there was really no chance to score. On the other hand, Bayern has a very strong integrity, good offense and defense, almost no weaknesses, and goals are very straightforward.Paris Saint Germain PSG tröja 2023

Weak defense has always been a problem for Paris. Paris should buy more young players who can run and sweep, and do a good job of defense, so that the Champions League can go further. In fact, the only problem with Paris is their attitude. Over the past few years, they have always treated the group stage with the attitude of playing in the league.

With his teammates who couldn't move, Messi could only shake his head helplessly and leave the field. But it's time for Paris to reflect on itself. No matter how good the MMN combination is, it can't move this weak defense. Now Messi has to reconsider his whereabouts.