Is there racism in soccer?

Is there racism in soccer?

Manchester United 0-0 Southampton, Southampton defender Peters shoveled Gana Joe during the game, causing Gana Joe to leave the field on crutches, and he also met racist abuse from fans after the game as a result.günstige fußballtrikots

For his part, Peters said that racism should not happen, arguing that the fight against racism should take precedence over soccer, and even proposed to introduce more measures to stop such incidents from happening, while thanking the fans who supported him. And it is worth noting that he said to Gana Joe through social dynamics: "You and I are the same professional player, I in no way intended to hurt you, I wish you a speedy recovery and look forward to the moment you return in a Manchester United shirt."

The injured Gana Joe also responded to the message, replying under the dynamic: "Above soccer, thank you for the message you sent me, I understand that these are all part of soccer."

The two parties involved in the matter appear to have reconciled, but is the matter over? No, and the discussion that has festered as a result is just beginning. Yes, racism happens to almost everyone, and every player has suffered from it to varying degrees. Most typically, black players would receive overwhelming praise for their physical and athletic abilities, while white players were supported for their intelligence and character, and thus black players were stereotyped as brutal and ignorant figures. While it is typical and highly valued, there are other groups involved in racial discrimination that cannot be ignored, such as the verbal violence against many Asian players.Manchester United trikot 2023

There are different skins, different languages, and even different personalities in the world, and everything should exist in tolerance. Players have different skin colors, come from different countries, and come together because of soccer. We can support different teams and like different jerseys, but we should respect each other. So, which team's jersey do you like?