Manchester City only made an official offer to Kane once, and later prepared for £100 million +20m, but Levi refused to

Manchester City only made an official offer to Kane once, and later prepared for £100 million +20m, but Levi refused to talk.

The Athletic UK Manchester City reporter Sam Lee and Tottenham reporter Jack Pitt-Brooke jointly wrote an article. After Kane stayed on the team, they broke the news as usual.

The basic outline that TA can reveal is:

-Levi expressed anger at Kane's attempts to pressure him to agree to the transfer at the end of last season

-In May, Manchester City provided five players as a trade-in for options. In June, 75 million pounds were issued, plus an official offer of 25 million pounds in additional terms, but no more offers have been made since.

-Manchester City is ready to make a total offer of 100 million pounds + 20 million pounds, but Levi refused to negotiate.

-Due to Kane's absence from training, Tottenham fined him for two weeks of salary.

-Since Manchester City and Tottenham have not negotiated since late July, although Kane hopes to join Manchester City, the transfer negotiations have actually failed for several weeks.

(The following is an excerpt from the column)

If this transfer turmoil is Kane's failure, it is also Levi's victory. He insisted throughout the summer that Kane would not be sold, especially not to another Premier League club. Those close to Levi have always known that this is not a negotiating position, but a firm commitment. Part of Levi's position is calm and rational, because he knows that the current market is not suitable for selling a top player, and it is always better for Tottenham to keep Kane for at least another year.

By the end of next season, Tottenham will either improve their overall performance enough to persuade Kane to stay for a long time, or they can sell him in a more active market for at least this year's price. In fact, Manchester City’s only cash offer to Kane is an initial transfer fee of 75 million pounds and another 25 million pounds additional terms, which indeed proves that Levi is correct and that there is no benefit to selling Kane this summer.
And another part of the reason is something private. Levi was deeply angry with Kane and his family's behavior throughout the process, from the leak of Kane's desire to leave to the interview with Neville at the end of the Tottenham season to the beginning of this month. Kane was absent from pre-season training without authorization (which cost Kane two weeks of salary). Levi believes that this is a challenge to his authority, which makes him more eager to be free from external pressure and manipulation. Perhaps Kane might succeed in a more subtle way, but Levi insisted from the beginning that he would not succumb.

Obviously, the Kane camp handled it badly this summer. They failed to make the deal they wanted between Manchester City and Tottenham, but Manchester City did not get the striker they wanted. In the end, for Manchester City, they spent a whole summer for someone who Levi didn't want to sell in the first place. In the end, they only left themselves 6 days to bring in possible strikers.

The origin of this 8-point soap opera between Manchester City and Kane was in 2020, when Manchester City tried to improve the strength of the team in order to win the Premier League championship. So they made an inquiry to Tottenham about Kane, and Levi resolutely refused. But Kane is very interested in the prospect of the transfer and hopes that Levi can guarantee that he can leave in the future.

After that, it was this damn gentleman's agreement, the main topic of the dispute this summer. Kane believes that Levi's promise is that he can leave after the end of the 2020-21 season, especially considering that Tottenham are not eligible for the Champions League. But another view of Tottenham is that Levi only said that he would listen to Kane's offer, not that he would be allowed to leave.
Subsequently, Kane and Mourinho's good relationship, Mourinho's sad dismissal, and then to Tottenham's complete defeat last season... Kane strengthened his mind. He hopes that the 2020-21 season will be his last season at the club, and he will end his 17-year cooperation with Tottenham. He believes that he has given everything for this season and he has the right to leave Tottenham with his head held high. He wants to get the transfer done before the start of the European Cup, and his England teammates also know this, because during the international competition in March, Kane publicly discussed life in Manchester with them.

At this point, in fact, at the end of last season, there was a feeling that both Manchester City and Manchester United had a chance to sign Kane, because he did not want to go abroad, nor did he want to go to rival Chelsea. Before Manchester United turned their attention to Sancho, they are likely to have taken the lead in Kane's pursuit.

TA exclusively disclosed Kane’s desire to run away on April 10, but Kane’s intentions were not made public until May. On May 17, Sky Sports reported that Kane had asked to leave Tottenham. Three days later, Gary Neville's interview was made public. In the interview, Kane expressed his wish to leave the club very candidly. If Kane believes that what happened this week made it easier for him to leave, and his position has been clearly and respectfully determined, then Tottenham’s management actually holds the opposite view.

When the Sky TV report came to light, Tottenham took a very unusual action and issued a formal statement reminding Kane of his professional responsibilities: "Our current focus is to complete this season as much as possible." A spokesperson for the thorn said, "This is something that everyone should pay attention to."

However, behind the scenes, Levi and Tottenham’s bosses were very upset about Kane’s behavior, feeling that Kane was at the toughest moment of Tottenham’s efforts to sabotage the entire season. There is a feeling in the senior management that Kane’s behavior has made Tottenham’s interim head coach Ryan Mason tired of coping, forcing him to answer endless questions from the media about Kane’s future, which Kane himself will not face. , And Kane and Mason have a good relationship.
Tottenham also has a feeling that Kane’s strategy is actually to kill 50 and lose 1,000. Levi is willing to sell core players at a high price, but he doesn't like being slapped to do anything. Therefore, the Kane camp tried to exert public opinion pressure on Levi through the "gentleman agreement." The terms of this agreement were controversial and were considered to be extremely counterproductive and the product of the poor and inexperienced advice Kane received. Levi was pushed to the corner, but he would never let Kane succeed.

When Manchester City stated that they wanted to sign Kane for the first time, there was actually no progress. Manchester City said they want to discuss Kane's future with Levi, but any discussion must include sending players to Tottenham in the form of partial exchange. Levi asked: "Who are you going to give out?" The five names given by Manchester City are Jesus, Bernardo Silva, Mahrez, Sterling and Laporte. Levi is not interested in this, and there is no sign that these players will agree to join Tottenham.

Kane hopes to decide his future at the beginning of the European Cup, but at the end of May it is clear that this is impossible. Remember, Levi agreed to sell Berbatov and Bell at the end of the transfer window, and Walker agreed to sell only a few minutes before Manchester City and Tottenham were preparing to leave for the United States for pre-season training. In such negotiations, time is a bargaining chip, and Levi has no motivation to reach an agreement quickly.

Subsequently, the European Cup, and then Tottenham's long coach selection process. A popular view is that Kane will be impatient with Tottenham’s coach selection, and he will want to leave even more desperately. Levi also has no right to say no, because he messed up in the search for a new head coach. However, another view of the club is that for Tottenham, the more embarrassing the process of finding a coach, Levi will bear more pressure to keep Kane, and he cannot turn a difficult summer into a disaster. Sexual summer.

When Manchester City made their first cash offer in June, there was actually no progress. The initial transfer fee of 75 million pounds + the additional clause of 25 million pounds, which is described as 100 million pounds, will certainly not satisfy Levi. Levi insisted that he would not sell Kane this summer, especially not to Premier League clubs. Maybe Real Madrid in Barcelona would be interested in Kane two years ago, but the world has changed and the Spanish giants have no money, so Kane only has a road to Huashan, and Levi decided to block this road for him.
Both Manchester City's plans were rejected, so now people want to see, what kind of efforts will Kane make to leave the team?

No one would have thought of Kane's extreme behavior this summer, but it should be remembered that Kane didn't want to do it either. At the end of last season, he hopes that all this can be resolved quickly and amicably without any additional measures, and he thinks he can leave with Levi's blessing. But at a meeting on July 16, five days after the European Cup final, Paratic reiterated the club's position to the Kane camp. When Kane flew to the Bahamas, a resort co-owned by Tottenham boss Joe Lewis, he felt that something must change.

Tottenham told Kane that they hope he can come back for pre-season training on Monday, August 2, which is an agreed three-week vacation time. But that Monday, Kane did not return to London, but went to Florida from the Bahamas. Although Kane believes this is due to a communication problem between him and the club and he has been given an extended rest period, in Tottenham's view, Kane is very clear when he should return. Therefore, Kane was fined two weeks' salary.

On August 7th, Kane arrived late, and he also issued a statement on social media saying that he was "harmed" by those who "questioned his professionalism" and insisted that he "never will" Refuse to train.

On Monday, August 9, Paratic had a three-hour meeting with Kane. Kane repeatedly reiterated his willingness to leave, and Paratic made it clear that the club would not be sold.

If Manchester City need Kane so much, why didn't they show it? That Sunday afternoon, when they were at Tottenham Stadium, no one at the top of Manchester City discussed the signing of Kane and Tottenham. Levi's "stone wall tactics" seemed to have worked, he even refused to negotiate with Manchester City and did not answer the phone.

There is a view that during this period Manchester City did not show any willingness to sign Kane. When the relationship between Kane and Tottenham was the most tense, they did not make a higher offer. When Manchester City particularly wants a player, they are usually not unwilling to spend a lot of money. They directly submitted an offer of £100 million for Greerish, but they began to work hard at Kane, which raised a question: Do other senior management in Manchester City want a 28-year-old Kane like Guardiola?

Another point of view is that Levi has made it clear that he will not negotiate with Manchester City on Kane’s transfer. If Manchester City make an offer that will not produce any results, it will be of no benefit. Manchester City are willing to pay an initial transfer fee of 100 million pounds and an additional term of 20 million pounds to sign Kane, but they have never shown that it is worth it.

(City would have been willing to go up to £100m up front and £20m add-ons to sign Kane, but they never had the slightest indication that doing so would have been worthwhile.)

In any case, Levi even more firmly stated that Kane would not be sold, and Manchester City could not persuade him, and the situation was at a deadlock. Time was so delayed, and by mid-August everyone familiar with the situation became more and more aware that Levi had won. Although many young players at Manchester City believe that Kane will join, the truth is that he has never come close to joining.

Kane also understands. He understands that his condition has not been restored to its best. He also understands that Manchester City will not return to the negotiating table with a large sum of money to buy out his remaining, long three years. The appointment.

In Tottenham’s game against Wolves last Sunday, Kane was cheered by the visiting team on the pitch, and they all knew that he would continue to belong to Tottenham for some time.